• ABOUT Tvidler Earwax Cleaner

    Tvidler Earwax Cleaner

    It eliminates excess surplus wax from your ear and prevents clogging in the ear. One advantage of using the Tvidler is that it reduced the risk of harm being caused to your eardrums. It does not push in the earwax to your ear canals but selectively picks out the and wax from your ear more cleanly and safely without causing discomfort and pain.

    Tvidler, extracts the wax from the ear, and neatly collect the dirt, picks the wax and holds the on its tip. While it does that, it clears dried ear wax from the walls of your ear carnal, in the neatest way.



    Furthermore, Tvidler is made with materials of high quality, long-lasting and durable. It is made with a spiral plastic, which has very soft silicon tips, which is built to extract the wax and dirt from your ears. It is also very easy to use and enables the user to rotate Tvidler, clockwise anticlockwise or in any direction, to achieve a perfect wax elimination, to prevent clogging.

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    Also, Tvidler is easy to maintain. It is reusable and washable unlike tissues, cotton swabs or cotton buds. This can also help you save costs and can last yours for a longer time.

    The Tvidler, wax and dirt cleaner goes in-depth to the ear and enables a comfortable and turgid grip which enables ease of use

    One benefit you can derive from the use of that in as much as Tvidler cleanses the ear, it also helps in essential parts of your ear are not tampered with. Thus, reducing the risk of any exposure to infections.

    Tvidler is not a very complex product but performs amazing functions and possesses amazing features. It is sleek, lightweight and possesses an ergonomic design which aids its effective operation. Tvidler unarguably has been adjudged, the best wax cleaner you can find.

    Tvidler Features:

    Soft/ear-friendly silicon tip:

    Tvidler Earwax Cleaner possesses an ear-friendly top that is very soft. Its ultra-soft silicone head or tip, which it uses to extract wax, particles and from the ear, is made with top quality silicon and built that way so that the Tvidler, does not cause harm to your ears or cause any injury

    Prevents Wax Buildup:

    By the operation of the silicon tip and its spiral design helps the Tvidler when inserted, to extract all the wax in the ear canal, unlike cotton swabs or buds. It ensures that no particles are left in the ear and cleans the environment around the ear, preventing any remnants. Mind you, allowing the wax to build up in the ear could cause ear problems or issues such as itching, irritation, buzzing ears, and severe ear problems such as tinnitus and other infections such as Meniere's disease and other related ear issues. The Tvidler, ear wax and dirt cleaner, is created to give your ears a total cleansing and 360-degree protection so that your ears remain sound.

    Safe to use:

    The Tvidler is very safe to use as it contains zero chemicals and does not discharge particles into the ear. It does not leave particles or remnants into the ear and this does not post any harm to the ear canals and eardrums. And unlike a tissue or earn swab it does not push in the wax inside but extracts completely, the particles in the ear, prevention wax from getting dented in the ear and preventing clogging of the ear.


    The Tvidler is reusable and does possess any hassle in maintenance or storage. You can detach the tip to rinse off the and use the Tvidler over again, at any time. It is a plastic material and does not react or get damages due to contact with water. Unlike a cotton swab, tissue etc which pose an adverse risk when used, and still can't be reused, the Tvidler, possesses, zero risks when used properly and is safer than any alternative and of course, reusable.

    Other features of the Tvidler include:


    • Safe to use.
    • Very easy to handle.
    • Washable 
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • It can be easily detached.
    • Reduced risk of injury.
    • Its tip inserts easily into the ear.
    • Comes in white and grey colour.


    How does Tvidler Work?

    It is pretty simple but you need to play your part. Once you insert the Tvidler, into your ear, ensure that the tip is properly fit. Then turn the Tvidler, clockwise or anticlockwise and caress the walls of your ear canals and outer layers of your ear, with the tip.

    When that exercise is being done, the Tvidler is extracting the wax in the ear as well as the dirt, dust particles and other particles in the ear, which are safely collected and stored In the silicon tip of the Tvidler.

    Once that is done, after doing the aforementioned exercise for 5 minutes, pull gently the Tvidler from your ear and get yourself a well-cleansed ear.

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    There is no rocket science in this product, in its makeup or operation. Just as you cotton bud work, is how the Tvidler operates. But wait, this time, you are using a better, safer and well-crafted ear cleanser.



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